financial coaching for women GOING THROUGH MAJOR LIFE CHANGES.

Climb on top of your
finances and life!

financial coaching for women GOING THROUGH MAJOR LIFE CHANGES.

Climb on top of your
finances and life!

As women, we do so much for others, but we often face the highest barriers when recovering from debilitating circumstances like divorce, loss of a partner’s income, death of a loved one, or job loss.

I am here to change that by helping women overcome challenges related to personal finance, legal changes, aging, and more—and climb on top of their lives in the process.

It is never too late to learn how to look out for yourself financially, grow your wealth, and prioritize your well-being in all aspects of your life.

– Hilary

Working with Hilary has been a great experience.

“Prior to working with Climbing on Top I had some financial struggles due to trying to grow my business as a full-time entrepreneur with no financing. 4 years later, I had two large tax bills, high balances on every credit card and no savings. Hilary reviewed all my expenses and debts and helped me cash out an old 401k to pay the tax bills and credit cards. After, my credit score went up over 100 points and I felt a lot of relief without the looming debts on me. I plan to continue working with her to grow and invest future money that comes in. I feel confident that 6-12 months from now I will be in a much better financial position because of her.”

Adrian W.

I was Hilary’s divorce lawyer, and saw her financial acuity first-hand.

“She was able to generate detailed financial documents within hours of my requesting them and had a keen understanding of all the financial matters that arose during divorce negotiations. She also has a compassionate and caring nature, and friendly and approachable personality, which enables her to work easily with people. I refer clients to her for help whenever I believe someone could use her skills and benefit from her empathetic, caring personality.”

Meg McKinney, Esq.

Hilary helped me transfer and consolidate my retirement accounts, which were spread out at different companies because I had switched jobs a few times.

“I was in a panic because I had ignored dealing with the issues, as many women do, because I found it emotionally and administratively overwhelming. And I did not know where to start. Hilary’s motivation got me through it. Hilary helped me make the calls needed, complete the necessary forms and chase down and follow up on any needed details or logistics. Hilary helped me make wise investments and her energy and good cheer were the positive forces that I needed. I am grateful for her help, support and guidance!”

Caryn G.

Hilary’s guidance is life-changing!

“She has helped me with everything from taxes and investments to filling out complicated forms and follow-up calls. She doesn’t stop until she finds the answer and immediately takes the stress out of any situation. She has a gift for explaining things in an easy-to-understand manner and she makes it fun while doing it. I know I can call her with any financial issue and she will be able to fix it. She has made my life so much easier, I don’t know what I’d do without her!”

Helena G.

My husband’s and my accounts were in a state of confusion.

“Hilary consolidated all our account information in one place so that we could finally tell how much we were spending and how much we were saving.  This now allows us to plan for the future. She created a savings account for my daughter’s education and an IRS account for me. Hilary is so knowledgeable and makes you feel so secure to work with.  I did not feel any problem giving her my personal and financial information. And, she is extremely pleasant to work with.”

Nil V.

I have three children, who all wanted to go to college.

“On my single income, I did not know how I was going to afford to send them to college. So, Hilary took charge and set up a college savings plan for each of my children. She has taken care of those accounts since 2007, and those accounts enabled all of my children to go to college without taking on loans. Around that same time in 2007, she set up a retirement account for me, which has grown about 85% since that time. If Hilary had not encouraged and helped me with these things, I would have simply kept money in a bank and would be in substantial debt having taken out loans for my children. I always tell Hilary that she has been my guardian angel.”

Elida G.

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I offer a complete approach to help you take charge of your finances, increase your sense of security, and develop a thoughtful path for the future.


As women, we go through phases that can cause radical changes in our bodies. From giving birth to navigating menopausal changes and everything in between.