As women, we can go through phases that can cause radical changes in our bodies.

From giving birth to navigating menopausal changes and everything in between, our bodies undergo many transitions throughout our lives—but we don’t have to suffer in silence and shame. The unique things that make us strong as women don’t have to drag us down. Science-backed solutions can offer relief, and we can regain our senses of confidence and love for our bodies!

I’m proud to offer:
Open and honest conversations about difficult and embarrassing topics
Solutions for the adverse side effects of menopause
Practical, hands-on advice about aging and the changes associated with it
A non-judgmental listening ear from someone who truly understands what you are going through
Advice on when to contact medical professionals who can help with some of the medical issues that may arise as a result of menopause

Let’s talk about how I can help you through these challenging transitions.